Business Analytics / Metrics

Manufacturers who have accurate analytics/metrics are better positioned to prevent errors and more effectively resolve ones that do occur. Understanding your metrics will increase the potential for better efficiency and resulting gross margin. 4Ward will work with you to ensure the correct P&L, Production Reporting, Logistics Tracking and other analytical tools are in place for your business.

Our experienced team will help maximize your technology (Smart Manufacturing) with the right analytics tied to your P&L. We provide resources, Time & Motion Studies, labor metrics, etc. with up-to-date/real time information. We will help ensure you have the right metrics in place and are receiving detailed information from the Operations Software (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) provided by your plate manufacturer.

Labor costs can have a major impact on how you price your products and invoice your customers which significantly effects your sales and profitability. Our labor services include labor development and management which help reduce manufacturing throughput and increase productivity. We can directly fill your labor needs and also manage your short-term temporary labor.

4Ward can apply help and strategies to a number of needs and challenges, including the below and more.

  • New Business Start-Ups
  • Business Acquisitions and Sales
  • Development of Business Strategic and Marketing Plans
  • Family Company Transitions and Management Development
  • Business Value Proposition Modeling
  • SBCA WFD, Personnel Development and Hiring Strategies

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