Modular Building Construction Continuous Improvement/Lean Management & Manufacturing

If you want lean, you came to the right team! We are certified lean practitioners who can guide you on your lean journey.  We work alongside your team to implement lean practices in management, manufacturing, distribution and much more.  If you are looking for short interval tracking and development, use the team and company that introduced it to the industry.  John Houlihan and Don Hershey developed the first short interval tracking for the modular building construction component industry.

We don’t believe in “standard templates.” Every situation is unique, every operation different. Process improvement starts with digging into what truly makes your company tick.  ​Working hands-on with modular construction operation and production teams, we help improve utilization of your space, equipment and process flow. We use a variety of techniques suited for you including cellular manufacturing, Six Sigma/Lean techniques, Quality-at-the-Source concepts, quick changeover methods, Houlihan Labor methods, and much more.  We improve inventory management, planning, batching methods and bring discipline to the process flow, develop metrics, and improve your communication control.  The Houlihan method was developed for the components market at Imperial Components; we were raised on it so you don’t need to look further for copycat methods. Below is a quick summary of just some of the items that we can assist you with.

  • Lean Manufacturing Based Evaluations
  • Houlihan & Time & Motion Studies
  • KPI Metric Development & Usage
  • Labor Modeling
  • Training in the use of Plate
  • Company Shop Management
  • Software
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Process Improvement Training
  • Interim Management

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