Set the Course of Your Business

By Ben Hershey | May 20, 2020

By Ben Hershey, CEO, 4Ward Consulting Group, LLC Many of us just returned from this year’s BCMC show. How appropriate it was to be in Columbus, a city named after a visionary who discovered the new world, and the theme was “Set Your Course.” In your business, no matter the role you serve, you have…

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The Importance of Change Management in Today’s Business Climate

By Ben Hershey | May 7, 2020

By Ben Hershey, CEO, 4Ward Solutions Group The current global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has created a severe shortage of PPE across the world. And while regular distribution channels ramp up, we have seen several creative ways some individuals and companies are making changes to support our COVID-19 response, including obtaining and producing…

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Are Your Managers Equipped for Change?

By Ben Hershey | April 5, 2020

By Ben Hershey, CEO, The 4Ward Group of Companies Ask yourself this question, true or false: The most resistant group of employees in many component and LBM companies is the frontline employees?  If you answered true, like most people you guessed incorrectly.  It’s not our frontline employees who resist change the most, it’s the managers,…

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Are You Communicating the Same Old Message?

By Ben Hershey | March 21, 2020

By Ben Hershey, CEO, The 4Ward Group of Companies Here we are at the start of 2020 — Happy New Year!  As we begin the year, we’ll likely have times when we look at the past and then look forward, as we plan our strategy and set the tone for our teams and work with…

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Knowing the Ideal Manufacturing Cycle Time

By Ben Hershey | March 7, 2020

By Ben Hershey, CEO, The 4Ward Group of Companies Building components is really great! It was a lot of fun in the 1970s when several plants had competitions on who could build the fastest run of trusses (for example, see Joe Kannapell’s article on Vertical Presses–The World Record). Back then, it was really easy to…

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As the Market Changes – Plan Now for Continuous Improvements

By Ben Hershey | February 21, 2020

By Ben Hershey, CEO, The 4Ward Group of Companies No doubt that as I am writing this, many of us have had to turn our focus to our families, our friends, and our businesses as the COVID-19 virus has rapidly spread throughout North America.  The impact to many has been requirements to shelter families in…

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Strategy, Culture, and BCMC

By Ben Hershey | October 1, 2019

By Ben Hershey, 4Ward Consulting Group, LLC Two manufacturers walk into the BCMC Show. One is a seasoned manufacturer who has been attending the show for many years and will learn something new, but really just goes to shake hands and be seen.  The other manufacturer is new and eager, ready to learn and network…

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What Tools Are You Using

By Ben Hershey | September 1, 2019

By Ben Hershey, 4Ward Consulting Group, LLC  I really enjoy local county fairs and local attractions, because they give us an opportunity to see cool things from the past or something related to the area (and our fair has fresh roasted corn!).  Recently at our local fair, the Stanwood Fair, I walked into a building…

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The Importance of Our Leadership Actions

By Ben Hershey | August 1, 2019

By Ben Hershey, 4Ward Consulting Group, LLC Recently, a Pastor at our church, Morgan MacPherson, shared a teaching from the Book of James talking about how our Actions Speak Louder.  Though there was a lot of “meat on the bone” from what he shared, one of the additional thoughts I brought home was how important…

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