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4Ward Consulting Group is the only team with progressive experience in all areas of component, modular, lumber, millwork, building product distribution, and more! Our expertise includes ownership of several manufacturing companies. Key industry experience and operational knowledge are essential in providing organic growth for companies, whether in sales or operations; but most important in increasing profits. 

We are roll-up-our-sleeves operations management consultants. We are great in the classroom, BUT we prefer to get in there and work side-by-side with your team.  We work well whether it's in the front office, back office or right out on the production floor.

We will be there for you ever step of the way, including before, during and after the project.  Our assistance includes both providing recommendations and assisting you with implementation.

We transfer our knowledge. We train your employees. We make sure that your results are sustainable.  After 30 years of experience we know that is the only way to empower performance.

4Ward Consulting Group Companies


Wood may be in our blood, but we serve several different industries.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

We provide Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, analysis and training so your operation can succeed.


Lean Manufacturing

Labor Services

4Ward provides true labor initiatives that solve labor problems companies are struggling with. We can analyze existing labor pools and much more. 


Lean Manufacturing


We provide "Boots on the Ground" training to your team, in the office, plant, yard or out in the field.  We are experts in training managers and supervisors.


Lean Manufacturing

Other Business Services

We provide expertise for new businesses, product development, business expansions, business turnaround and much more.


Lean Manufacturing

Business Analytics

We help you understand KPI's and other business analysis to help you make solid decisions. Get the information and metrics you need.


Lean Manufacturing

CFO & Accounting Services

Get access to talented financial professionals, including CFO's, Controllers, Senior Accountants and Bookkeepers.



Jay Halteman, President, Wood Truss Systems, LLC

Businesses often express some concern for the value of a consultant’s advice.  With 4Ward Consulting Group their clients experience the benefit of over 50 years of service and success dedicated to the building component industry.  Along with many of their clients, I have found total confidence in the focused, time-proven, advice delivered by Ben Hershey.  Built on first-hand knowledge in every segment of operating a profitable component manufacturing business there is no better source of consulting available in our industry.

John Chipman Dean-President, Component Runner, LLC - Building Modeling Services

Ben and I have worked mostly on SBC industry related activities, but I have known Ben for many years. I have come to know and appreciate Ben's servant leader approach to leadership. In Jim Collin's book "Good to Great" he talks about Level 5 leaders and I can honestly say that Ben is one.

David Phillips, Director of Business Development at Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

Ben is a trusted advisor with a deep knowledge of the building components industry. Ben can develop a product from concept to launch, evaluate the feasibility, and design and monitor the testing. If he has never worked with a particular product set, he has all the industry contacts to get the answers needed to do the job right the first time. He is also fun to work with, which is an added bonus when you are simply expecting expertise. It is for these reasons that I continue to work with Ben.

Randy Goruk, 360 Leadership Coach/Speaker

Over the years, I have come to admire the way Ben has led and managed his business. He consistently demonstrates the highest level of integrity, with attention to technical precision and quality. It's because of these characteristics that Ben has earned the respect of his team and the industry.

Ben's leadership is solid ... the industry could use more Ben Hershey's.

Helping Your Company To Grow & Prosper Every Day

Wood may be in our blood, but we serve several different industries.

From Chief Coach & Mentor, Owner Ben Hershey

My name is Ben Hershey and thank you for visiting our site.

With more than 135 years of experience, the 4Ward team can provide you with top level advice. Each of the individuals involved at 4Ward Consulting have varying backgrounds, but have specific experience in building components, setting up operations, and other aspects. I was a part of my father's company at an early age, including the building of roofs and floor trusses, wall panels and providing modular components in the Chicago market. I have also been a part of several industry committees to establish working best practices.  My direct experience spans more than 30 years.

Ben Hershey

Ben Hershey

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