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About Our Company



Building your business, and the industry through innovation.

At 4Ward Solutions Group, our goal is to leverage our extensive expertise and experience in the offsite and industrialized building industry. We offer a range of solutions and services designed to help our customers expand their businesses, launch new products, and improve their operations in today's dynamic market. Our focus is on increasing your profitability and productivity by empowering you with the latest industry knowledge, technology, and best practices.
Ben Hershey
CEO and Founder

250+ Years Combined Experience

With over 250 years of collective experience, our team at 4Ward Solutions Group is well-equipped to deliver unparalleled expertise and insights to our clients. We combine our extensive industry experience with cutting-edge market research and the latest technological tools to provide top-notch solutions for the offsite and component industry. As a result, we are proud to be recognized as a leading solutions provider in this field.

In-House Experts

At 4Ward Solutions Group, all our experts work in-house, allowing us to combine our collective knowledge and skills to deliver optimal information and solutions for your business needs. By keeping our team under one roof, we can guarantee the highest level of quality and avoid issues associated with outsourcing. You can trust that our team is fully committed to providing the best possible service for your business.

Technology Leaders

Over the past decade, technology has made remarkable progress, yet the construction industry seems to have lagged behind. To bridge this divide, we're dedicating resources to cutting-edge technology for offsite and component manufacturing, and spearheading innovation initiatives throughout the industry. At 4Ward, we offer the latest contech advancements to enhance your business.
We prioritize customer satisfaction while delivering quality products and services, advancing the Offsite industry.
We are raising the efficiency and productivity of the Offsite industry while integrating the latest technology.
4Ward values honesty, integrity, and hard work. We are genuinely invested in our customer's success and growth.
Ben, his brother, and his father, Don Hershey

The history of 4Ward Solutions Group

4Ward Consulting Group was founded in 2010, almost by accident. Ben Hershey had sold his ownership in several manufacturing centers and was searching for a new challenge. His father, Don Hershey, suggested he share his industry knowledge with other companies. Don's words inspired Ben to create 4Ward Consulting Group (later 4Ward Solutions Group). The company grew and brought on additional experienced team members to provide solutions for companies in the Offsite Building industry. Solutions included labor, component design, automation/robotics, and more.

In 2021, 4Ward acquired Moducore, a software ERP/MRP solution provider for volumetric/modular space, which led to expanded solution offerings. Moducore also brought in opportunities to work with wall panel manufacturers, millwork suppliers, CMMS, support for 3D Digital Operations, and more.

At the end of 2022, 4Ward has over 500 employees worldwide and has provided solutions for more than 300 companies while leading with the latest technological advances in the building industry.