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Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation have become essential for modern businesses looking to stay competitive in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world. Automation involves the use of technology to minimize human input, which in turn maximizes the reliability and efficiency of many tasks. It encompasses different levels, from basic digitization and streamlining of work processes to advanced integration of machines or robots that replace human actions.

At the most basic level, automation can mean introducing a shared digital filing system that users can all access, which streamlines the process of accessing and storing information. Process automation, on the other hand, focuses on business processes, such as entering data directly into a digital source instead of recording it on paper and entering it digitally later. This approach not only makes data collection more efficient but also provides additional business insights.

Integration automation involves using machines or robots to contribute to or replace human actions. This may take the form of a conveyor belt that transfers material from one area to another or a robot that arranges pre-cut lumber in a programmed pattern to build a truss. Regardless of the level of automation, the goal is to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing human error.

First Steps Towards Automation

If you're considering introducing automation into your business, the first step should be to conduct an Automation Assessment.

Discuss Your Automation Goals

Our automation experts meet with you to discuss your goals with automation and assess your facility and functions

Collect Data

We photograph and catalog your facility and existing equipment and build a 3D model (a digital twin) of your facility.

Catalog and Roadmap

A comprehensive catalog of your current equipment will be put together. Our experts then develop a customized automation roadmap for your facility and goals, backed by extensive research and industry experience.

Types of


Digital Automation

Digital automation involves using software and technology to automate repetitive tasks and processes, improving efficiency and reducing human error.

Process Automation

Process automation refers to the use of technology to streamline and optimize business processes, allowing for faster and more accurate completion of tasks.

Partial Automation

Partial automation involves using technology to automate some, but not all, aspects of a process or task, often requiring human intervention to complete certain steps.

Full Automation

Full automation involves the use of technology to completely automate a process or task without requiring any human intervention.

Expert Guidance

As a company that is not affiliated with any automation or robotics manufacturers, our assessment will be fair and have your business's best interests in mind. Our assessments address the different levels of automation and find the best fit for your facility and goals. In some cases, integration automation may be our recommendation, while in others, basic automation or no automation at all may be the best fit.

Overall, introducing robotics and automation to your business can have a significant impact on your efficiency and productivity, making it a worthwhile investment. With an automation assessment from 4Ward Solutions Group, you can find the best approach for your business and implement customized automation solutions that fit your needs.