Celebrating BCMC 2018: How did you do Crafting Connections & Brewing Success? - 4Ward Solutions Group
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Celebrating BCMC 2018: How did you do Crafting Connections & Brewing Success? - 4Ward Solutions Group


By the time you read this, the dust will have settled after an incredibly successful BCMC Show in Milwaukee, WI.  What a privilege to talk with so many of you last week and see many of the exciting new automation products we can use in our operations to make us far more efficient, and, more importantly, advance the level of manufacturing we provide to our customers.

Maybe you were one of the numerous attendees at this year’s first SBCA Safety Summit; now your next step is to use what you learned along with the SBCA QC program.  Beyond the summit, many of us were able to attend the educational sessions offered at BCMC; watch for follow-up from the team at SBCA if you missed a session.  

The common theme I hear, and heard last week, is the opportunity many of us see to upgrade much of what we do today.  Sometimes a trade show can be daunting if you find that you want everything, yet where do you start.  One of the most exciting things with our industry right now is that so many component manufacturers realize they need to make changes to how we ultimately deliver a component package (single element(s), panelized, or modular) to the jobsite.  In many of the conversations I had last week, we talked about how to do just that.  The “Brewing Success” tag line was appropriate, so let’s make the best of this year’s show and do just that in our companies.

 Another really great opportunity for me was to see my brother Keith who is in charge of manufacturing for Amwood/Windsor Builders in Wisconsin and Iowa.  Because of our schedules, we do not get to see each other very much, if only for a few minutes.

Hey Keith… “It was great to see you!  See you again next year in Columbus, OH for BCMC 2019 October 22-25.”

And if you need assistance implementing much of what you saw at BCMC, contact 4Ward Consulting.  We have helped numerous companies put new plans for operational excellence into place.  Their success is measured in how these companies have grown their lumber, component, and millwork business, and in the substantial increase in profitability.

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