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Today’s business opportunities require you to be nimble and act quickly or the window may close on that opportunity.

3D Process Modeling

Current State

Map and document the current state of your lumber yard or manufacturing

Asset Optimization and Flow

  • Use of 3D modeling software to layout your facility and identify bottlenecks.
  • Use production cell map to illustrate your value stream.

Asset & Facility Evaluation

  • Database to catalog assets in your facility.
  • Platform to evaluate capacities in your facility.


  • Use 3D modeling videos to exemplify best practices throughout your organization.
  • Represent evacuation paths and muster points.
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3D Modeling Solutions


Once your facility is mapped, the possibilities of information uses are endless, such as:

  • Videos or detailed photos of your processes can be used for instructional training.
  • New and used equipment can be rearranged in a 3D theoretical setting to determine optimal placement.
  • Photos and videos of current state can be stored and used to measure progress.
  • Visualization of multiple locations can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Assets in a location can be cataloged and filed.
  • Optimal production capacities can be determined by analyzing assets and flow.
  • Zones for material storage and picking can be established and analyzed.
  • Travel areas for forklifts and other traffic can be identified.

Providing Building Industry Companies with 200+ Years of Experience.

The purpose of 4Ward Solutions Group is to leverage our knowledge of the building industry to help our clients achieve increased profitability and market share.


4Ward Solutions Group was established by Ben Hershey to help offsite manufacturers in the building industry. Whether assembling roof trusses, floor cassettes, or complete volumetric modules, you are an offsite manufacturer. Ben and his team have experience in every aspect of offsite manufacturing and distribution, and it is the group’s goal to help guide you on your journey.


We have deeply rooted qualifications. Ben grew up in the component/modular industry. While his father, Don Hershey, was pioneering the industry of plated trusses, Ben was by his side. He learned every aspect of this new process and has seen it transform all areas of home building. Don started this path of innovation over forty years ago, and Ben has continued his family’s legacy of innovation. Our team has developed real solutions for manufacturers with proven results. 4Ward Solutions Group brings cutting edge innovations to several areas of the industry. Our suite of services includes innovative component automation, design and labor solutions, as well as plant software development.

Ben Hershey

Ben Hershey

The Steps

Step 1 - Use a 3D camera to photograph and video your facility. Images are used to precisely identify and map all MEP, fixtures, and equipment. This information is then used to create the 3D model and capture the current state at that location.

Step 2 - Using the information from the 3D mapping, your facility is then modeled in Sketchup and layers are created.

Step 3 - You determine how many layers of the model are created and to what level of detail.

Modular Commercial



"Ben and his team are trusted advisors with a deep knowledge of the building components industry. They can develop a product from concept to launch, evaluate the feasibility, and design and monitor the testing. If they have never worked with a particular product set, the team has all the industry contacts to get the answers needed to do the job right the first time. Ben is also fun to work with, which is an added bonus when you are simply expecting expertise. It is for these reasons that I continue to work with Ben.”

Various Service Tiers Available!

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