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Automation Assessment

4Ward Solutions Group offers in-depth, data-driven assessments tailored for offsite manufacturing, drawing on extensive expertise in offsite construction and automation technologies. We analyze modular workflows, recommending targeted automation strategies, empowering you to transition confidently to efficient smart manufacturing.

Key Benefits

  • Maximized productivity and efficiency in offsite workflows
  • Quantifiable process improvements and cost savings
  • Custom roadmap for seamless automation integration
  • Enhanced quality control and waste reduction
  • Real-time workflow visibility for informed decision-making
  • Expert guidance to transition to smart manufacturing

Workflow Analysis

We evaluate modular fabrication and assembly processes to identify automation potential.

Data Benchmarking

Leveraging benchmarks, we quantify efficiency/productivity gaps addressable by automation.

Custom Plan

We create a phased plan to integrate automation based on your workflows, objectives and constraints.

Offsite Expertise

Our experience in modular construction informs automation solutions tailored for your needs.

Smart Equipment

We provide guidance on equipment like robotics, AGVs, and cobots to improve your manufacturing processes.

Change Management

We assist with organizational change management as you scale automation.

Proof of Concept

We conduct POC pilots to validate assumptions and demonstrate value.

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