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ABC Millwork, Chad Rohl

I had a great experience with 4ward; the staff is very friendly and helpful. The detail in our 3D drawing is just amazing they are clean, precise, and looks exactly like the items in our facility. The advantage with this software is that we can discover if there are equipment changes that need to happen

Builder First Source, JoAnn Gidley

4Ward’s quick and accurate 3D design services are a very valuable asset for our team.  It gives immediate visibility of plant flow and layout ideas across the company. The fact that they can rapidly scan facilities and assist with equipment and flow concepts is a testament to their efficiency and expertise. Having a ready supply

Jason Hikel - Shelter Systems

Shelter Systems, Jason Hikel

At Shelter Systems, we recognized years ago a digital model of our manufacturing facility was critical to plan improvements. We developed a 2D model in-house, and it served us well for years. However, in translating 2D modeling into 3D reality, we lacked a certain level of detail that we felt we needed moving forward. In

Intelligent City, Yasser Mourad

4Ward Solutions Group exceeded our expectations in providing recommendations for the layout of our highly automated production facility. Within a short period of time, they delivered an extensive report that outlined in detail the optimal design for our facility, along with the rationale behind their recommendations. We are grateful for their invaluable assistance and look

NVO Construction, Cheryl Lewis

NVO Construction began building out our 75,000 SF structural component factory in early 2021. We were new to the manufacturing process and, while we wanted to implement new ideas and methods, we also needed guidance and exposure to industry best practices. We were very fortunate to engage the 4Ward Consulting Team to guide us on

Kirk Grundahl, Owner, Qualtim, Inc.

“Ben has been a friend for the last 20 years. He is committed to the improvement of the structural building components industry and the time he devoted to serving as president of SBCA, the industry’s trade association, has been very valuable. He has great experience in all facets of business operations, including operational management, financial

Mike Momb, Technical Director at Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC

“I met Ben through our involvement with the Machine Stress Rated Lumber Producers Council (MSRLPC). Ben had the foresight to take a product which was being poorly distributed (glu-laminated columns for post frame buildings) and not readily available in most markets, manufacture them using under utilized species which was readily available near his facility, and

John Chipman Dean-President, Component Runner, LLC – Building Modeling Services

“Ben and I have worked mostly on SBC industry related activities, but I have known Ben for many years. I have come to know and appreciate Ben’s servant leader approach to leadership. In Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great” he talks about Level 5 leaders and I can honestly say that Ben is one.”

Randy Goruk, 360 Leadership Coach / Speaker

“Over the years, I have come to admire the way Ben has led and managed his business. He consistently demonstrates the highest level of integrity, with attention to technical precision and quality. It’s because of these characteristics that Ben has earned the respect of his team and the industry. Ben’s leadership is solid … the

David Phillips, Director of Business Development at Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

“Ben is a trusted advisor with a deep knowledge of the building components industry. Ben can develop a product from concept to launch, evaluate the feasibility, and design and monitor the testing. If he has never worked with a particular product set, he has all the industry contacts to get the answers needed to do